Keith E.

Lake ParsippanyEdited 23 Feb

Micheal was my professor as an undergraduate Social Work student in 2005. He has been a key contributor in my development as a person and as a professional. Micheal's clinical knowledge in Social Work and Psychotherapy are second to none. I continue to learn so much from him as an LCSW during clinical consultations. He is a therapist you can truly be yourself around while you work on improving your well-being. I would have absolutely zero hesitations in recommending him to a friend or family member. He is truly special.



If I could name on one hand the people who kept me moving forward. And perhaps alive...Michael Weuste would be one of them. Even now as a healthy adult I can look back on years of therapy and identify the few (aka two) that gave me the loving hard advice that helped me move forward instead of staying stuck. Michael not only was empathetic, but he didn't minimize my experiences. It seriously might have been the first time in my young life that I felt heard but also challenged. I believe he was the first one to see and understand my family dynamics and give me the permission to grieve it and then the tools to move forward in a healthy way. There isn't a time where I think about my current life boundaries, my healthy marriage or my relationship with my own children where a part of me doesn't thank him for his participation in making me happier and healthier.




I met with Micheal during one of the worst periods of my life. He was able to help me make sense of who I am and find out how I wanted to move forward. Thanks to his efforts I have been able to choose a much better path for me to move forward.

it’s hard to limit your help in two or three sentences. Thank you so much. I tell people now that my heart and soul is full. despite the hardships I encounter raising these children.