Sometimes things seem to go just right while at other times there is a sense of coming up short. Sometimes we face life achievements and experience disappointment in situations, others, and often ourselves that can seem overwhelming.  We often enter therapy to regain or perhaps gain a better sense of ourselves as capable people able to achieve the accommodations required for our own sense of a fulfilling life. And not many want a non-fulfilling life. We can often ask do these difficulties lie within me, the people I choose to exchange in loving relationships, or due directly to unplanned life circumstances. Unfortunately, these many issue cannot seem to be solved with the persons close to us due to various reasons. The privacy of therapy can facilitate open self-understanding. My therapy is private and confidential.

Aren’t we all so complex? It would be my hope you would experience a sense of being understood and my ability to explore possibilities of new perspectives or resources. With self-reflection most are able to achieve even more insight often, involving an understanding of our pasts, that empowers one to act in new and refreshing ways or engage in those activities related to their new found alternatives of mind and behavior.

The standard fee for the initial intake is $120.00 and each subsequent session is $100.00.  You are responsible for paying at the time of your session unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment must be made by check or cash; I am not able to process credit card charges as payment. I Most importantly offer a sliding fee scale which enables me to set the fee together between $50 per session to $80 depending on your ability to Pay



Adjustment Disorders

Attachment Issues


Life Coaching

Life Transitions

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders

Relationship & Interpersonal Issues

Religious Trauma

Substance Use



12-Step Facilitation Therapy

Holistic Health

Internal Family Systems (IFS)



Trauma Focused Therapy